When going to the post office, check the opening hours and be prepared for a longer waiting time

As the Christmas season is here and we just had a major shopping holiday, parcel volumes have increased considerably in post offices, and longer lines are something we simply have to deal with in December. The spread of COVID-19 and the rules enforced by the government also mean changes in post office operations. We ask everyone visiting a post office to wear a mask, keep a two-metre distance and disinfect their hands.  In following the 2+2 distance rule, it is often the case that not everyone waiting in line will fit in the post office premises. Therefore, we ask that our clients be understanding and prepare for a slightly longer service time at the post office.

Due to the elevated risk of coronavirus, the personnel of the following post offices are self-isolating or have been assigned to work at other post offices.
We are operating with reduced personnel and shortened working hours to ensure the availability of the postal service. Thank you for understanding. The almost one hundred other post offices continue to operate with normal hours. More information on post office locations and opening hours is available at www.omniva.ee/kaart.
Changes in the opening hours of Arsenali post office
09.12 open 12:00-19:00

Changes in the opening hours of Toompea post office
09.12 temporarily closed

Changes in the opening hours of Nurmenuku post office
11.12 open 12:00-19:00
Changes in the opening hours of Pallasti post office
09.12 open 12:00-19:00


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