Danish post company reduces the number of letter delivery days for more favourable prices

Danish post company sets five working days as the new national letter delivery rate in Denmark, effective as of 1 July. In the future, when sending letters from Estonia to Denmark, a person should keep in mind that the delivery will take at least seven working days.
„As various e-channels can be used instead, letter delivery speed is no longer as important for a modern client as price. If letter delivery and collection were to be organised just once a week instead of five times, it would enable keeping letter delivery costs low,” explained Omniva’s Head of Postal Services Area Mari Allese.
“Post cards and greeting cards constitute 85 per cent of the volume that private customers send as a letter, hence service speed is no longer as important as affordable price and quality when sending letters,” specified Allese.
According to Allese, several countries in the region have started offering lower local prices, but at the expense of delivery speed. “Based on the example of nearby countries, 90 per cent of customers prefer said service with longer delivery times,” explained Allese.
Even though customers do not generally require quick delivery when using a letter service, they still have an alternative for sending urgent letters. “Naturally, a client still has the option to have their letters delivered faster. To this end, a bit pricier courier service has to be used,” added Allese.
Danish post company Post Danmark A/S announced to the members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) that as of 1 July 2016, five working days will be the standard for local letter service deliveries in Denmark. As a result, an ordinary stamped letter is delivered to the location on the fifth day within Denmark.


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