Eesti Post to test postal delivery with electric cargo bikes

Eesti Post partnered with Estonian company Vok Bikes to launch a pilot project in which they will test the transport of post using electric cargo bikes in Tallinn Old Town.
“Initially, we will use electric cargo bikes in Tallinn Old Town for delivering shipments, however, we also plan to test them in other conditions – specifically in areas where there are private residences,” said Marten Seepter, Head of Transport Department at Omniva (Eesti Post AS).
Seepter says that the efficacy of electric cargo bikes will manifest on delivery trips which have short distances and numerous stops because this is convenient for the courier getting on and off the bike. There is potential for the electric cargo bikes to work comfortably in densely populated areas with restricted space and limited access for cars.
“Initial feedback from our couriers has been positive because the manoeuvrability of bikes in winter conditions was good and no problems arose regarding parking,” added Seepter.
Indrek Petjärv, co-founder and CEO of Vok Bikes, says that the vehicles are tested in two primary client groups – on-demand goods delivery, be it from restaurants or online stores, and classic post delivery. “The experience and feedback from Omniva so far has been extremely helpful to us in understanding both product development and clients’ needs,” celebrates Petjärv regarding the cooperation.
The Omniva Vok Bikes electric cargo bikes pilot project will last until mid-June; after that, conclusions will be drawn and a decision made on how to move forward with the project.
The principal activity of Vok Bikes, founded by former members of a TalTech Formula Student team in 2019, is the production and sale of cargo bikes as well as the management of a bike park. Product Manager Siim Starke and Chief Technology Officer Riho Koop are also co-founders of Vok Bikes alongside Indrek Petjärve.
The principal activity of the group using the Omniva trademark is the provision of postal, logistics and information logistics services as well as the handling of electronic invoices. Besides the parent company AS Eesti Post, the group’s subsidiary companies and related companies include SIA Omniva, UAB Omniva LT, AS Maksekeskus, Post11 OÜ and Finbite OÜ. AS Eesti Post is a 100% state-owned Estonian company. The group employs 2300 people across the Baltic States.


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