Changes in postal services during state of emergency

Eesti Post continues providing postal services at post offices and via self-service channels during the state of emergency; newspapers and letters will reach post boxes as usual.

Post offices are open; however, in the state of emergency, the number of people visiting the post office is limited to prevent the infection risk for both clients and our employees. The post offices in Saaremaa and Võru allow only one visitor at a time and if necessary, the restriction will be applied elsewhere as well. We ask that clients use card payments at the post office, if possible.
The company also asks that people visit the post office only in cases of extreme need and instead use the self-service channels, the e-store and parcel machines. You can order stamps and envelopes from the e-store to be sent to your home mailbox and use the parcel machines to send and receive parcels.

All clients can forward parcels to the parcel machines or have them delivered to their homes by a courier, where the parcels are handed over without contact upon agreement with the client. This can be done via Omniva customer service and rerouting is free of charge. It is also possible to extend the parcel storage deadlines free of charge in the case of both the postal office and parcel machines, so it is possible to pick up the shipment at a more convenient time.

Omniva parcel machines are located outside where the risk of infection is lower. Omniva cleans the touchscreens of the parcel machines regularly, but the client can also use the parcel machine without any physical contact with the publicly used surfaces. The Omniva parcel machine touchscreen can be used with gloves and you can use contactless payment at all parcel machines.


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