Eesti Post calls on villages to install group mailboxes again

A group mailbox is comprised of multiple mailboxes helping the postal courier to deliver mail faster to the people in the area. Until midsummer, you can order a group mailbox for your local community for free.
According to Eesti Post mailbox and letterbox channel head Kati Miller, group mailboxes that are widespread in rural areas are often a place that the residents of the same area constantly visit. “It could be called the community centre, because usually the village information board is also at the same location,” Miller said. “We invite all communities to review their mailboxes. A group mailbox ensures that the mail carrier has year-round access and thus the local residents are ensured year-round postal service.”

According to Miller, a group mailbox is an excellent way to bring communities together – when picking up one’s mail, village life can be discussed at the same time. “A group mailbox is also excellent for those who appreciate privacy, because the group mailbox is shared with others and it is located away from your home. A group mailbox also helps to deliver mail faster, because the mail carrier can fill the mailboxes of the surrounding houses at once,” Miller added.
According to her, it is especially nice if the community builds a shelter for the mailbox in the local parish colours. The shelters protect the mailboxes from the elements and are nice to look at. Shelter building was executed last year within the “Let’s do it!” initiative.
If a community has decided to start using a group mailbox, an application must be submitted to Eesti Post (https://www.omniva.ee/era/kiri/postkastide_paigaldamisest/postkastivorm). We will then contact the client to agree on the terms and time of delivering the mailbox. Group mailboxes are available with 3, 5 and 8 slots, and the postal company also ensures that the mailboxes are correctly marked and maintained. Until midsummer, you can order a group mailbox for your local community for free.

Information on the last years’ “Let’s do it!” mailbox initiatives:

  • Recommended drawing for building the mailbox shelter.
  • Pattern stripe measurements and colour codes are available in the book “Eesti kihelkondade värvid”
  • Ideas for painting the stripes and painting instructions are available from last year on the Vivacolor website. 


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