Direct mail influences 85% of the readers

According to a study on noticing direct mail conducted in June by Turu-uuringute AS, 85% of the readers of direct mail are positively influenced to visit the advertised store. According to 59% of the respondents, discount offers definitely influence their decisions.
According to Mari Allese, Head of Postal Services at Omniva, direct mail continues to prove itself as a highly successful advertising channel, contrary to popular belief. “The Emor study conducted in 2015 showed that direct mail is the most noteworthy among traditional advertising channels. The survey conducted by Turu-uuringute AS in June proves this once again,” says Allese.
Among other things, it appeared that 67% of people notice discount offers in the direct mail they receive in their mailboxes. Elsewhere, the noticeability of discount advertisements is significantly lower.
Excluding the leaflets on special stands in stores, which actually presume that customers come to the store, after direct mail, discount offers are the most noticeable online where only 11% of the respondents have noticed them.
According to Allese, Omniva nationally distributes more than 200 million advertisements per year. This number exhibits the continued popularity of direct mail among businesses and is still an irreplaceable tool for marketers. “Unaddressed direct mail is an efficient and beneficial way to reach a lot of customers, while addressed direct mail is a perfect way to target your message at a specifically chosen persons,” says Allese on the popularity of direct mail among businesses.
According to a TNS Emor study conducted in 2015, in terms of traditional advertising channels, direct mail receives the most attention. Among 15­–74-year-old Estonian residents, the most noticeable direct mail channels were recommendations by friends and acquaintances, as well as salesclerks and experts. About two thirds of those questioned follow direct mail.
On 7–8 June and 14–15 June, Turu-uuringute AS surveyed 270 people by three stores in Tallinn and Sillamäe, aiming to determine the noticeability of direct mail advertising, as well as its effect on deciding to visit the store. The survey was conducted by means of tablets (CAPI) as a face-to-face survey during four days, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in two consecutive weeks.
More information about the study is available on website bestmarketing.ee.


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