Eesti Post general meeting on 7 October

Eesti Post general meeting was held on 7 October. The following topics were discussed:

  1. Currently, the Omniva group combines open market services and regulated services (the universal postal service). In the interests of better clarity and transparency, the separation of regulated and open market services is discussed, regarding which an analysis will be made. 
  2. The general meeting acknowledged the increase in price of the periodicals service planned by Eesti Post on average by 11.1%. The additional financial resources accompanying the price increase will be directed to the salary raise of postal workers. 
  3. The general meeting decided to maintain the AS Eesti Post postal network in its current capacity. Financing of the costs accompanying the maintenance of network that has a larger volume than provided in the activity license issued by the Estonian Competition Authority is decided after the regulated and open market service separation analysis is complete. Until the decision on financing, the calculated cost is covered from the resources of AS Eesti Post. AS Eesti Post’s management board will submit a proposal to the 22.10.2019 general meeting for amending the post offices model to achieve savings (215 post offices providing the universal postal service provided in the activity license, the rest of the post offices will offer more requested services to ensure the availability of postal service). 
  4. The general meeting agreed that the proposals of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, the Estonian Competition Authority and postal reform work group of Eesti Post would be discussed at the next general meeting on 22.10.2019.


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