Heads of parcel and postal businesses to join Omniva Management Board

The Supervisory Board of Omniva (AS Eesti Post) decided to expand the Management Board with postal and parcel business managers.
Omniva’s main business is logistics, which is separated to postal and parcel business areas. As of July 1st, heads of both business areas are to be included in the Management Board.
The Supervisory Board decided to appoint Mari Allese, Head of Postal Business Area as a Member of the Management Board. The contract of a board member is made for five years.
Allese has been working in Omniva in diferent positions since 2006. She has been working as the head of the postal business area since 2016 and managed to sustain the turnovers and profits of the postal business despite the decreasing market. Allese is also responsible for a number of innovative solutions that promote and advance the otherwise quite conservative business area.
Allese has graduated Tallinn University of Technology with a Masters degree in logistics.
The position of the Head of Parcel Business, who will also operate as a Management Board Member, is currently vacant, but the search for the right candidate is being carried out within and outside the organisation.
Chairman of Omniva’s Supervisory Board, Bo Henriksson told that including the heads of the main businesses to the Management Board is a logical step that supports the development and competitiveness of the organization in rapidly developing and ever-changing logistics market. 
Currently, Omniva’s Management Board consists of two members – Ansi Arumeel (Member of the Management Board and currently as acting Chairman of the Board) and Jaan Sildam (Member of the Management Board, CFO).



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