International money order to be replaced with Western Union express money transfer

As of 1 March, Omniva will no longer be providing the service of international money order. The service shall be replaced with the Western Union express money transfer service, which will be available at 107 post offices.
The service of the international money order will be terminates as there is a more convenient and opportune alternative available in the form of the Western Union express money transfer service. An additional reason lies in the fact that the number of service users has decreased over the years, whereas the direct expenditure of the service has continuously increased.
The international money order service enabled clients to send money to ten countries only, however, the express money transfer has 200 potential destination countries. The recipient of the money also has an opportunity to turn to an agent in more than 520,000 service points across the world and it is possible to withdraw the money immediately after it has been sent.


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