Last call for sending Christmas cards

In general, fewer letters are sent each year, but Eesti Post says Christmas cards remain popular. To make it easier to send Christmas greetings this year, temporary Christmas card post boxes have been installed in the most frequented post offices as well as in shopping centres. As a new feature this year, Christmas cards can also be mailed aboard trains.
Starting on 12 December, elves can be encountered aboard Elron passenger train service. They will be selling Christmas cards and allow season’s greetings to be sent via Eesti Post to loved ones. It will be possible to mail Christmas greetings from trains until 21 December. If mailing Christmas cards from other locations, it is a good idea to do so today or tomorrow morning at the latest.
According to Eesti Post management board member and head of the Postal Business Unit Kaida Kauler, sending Christmas cards and letters has been surprisingly popular in today’s digital era. “Letters and postcards are used nowadays above all to send an emotion, not convey information,” Kauler said. “Unfortunately, people often forget to take the time to mail their well wishes. A train ride is perfectly suited for this.”

Elron’s head of marketing and communication Mariis Adamberg said that time spent on trains is time taken for oneself and it can also be time used to express good thoughts. “Many passengers have already taken advantage of the opportunity furnished this year – to commit their Christmas greetings to a postcard while aboard a train and to immediately send them along to their friends and family. If anyone hasn’t sent a card yet, now is definitely the time to consider it, because the elves will be working the trains for only a few more days,” said Adamberg.

Saturday is the last day that the busy red-capped staff will provide this service. Christmas messages penned aboard trains can be sent country-wide as well as to international destinations—you just have to know the recipient’s address. To see the detailed schedule of the elves on the postcard staff, visit www.elron.ee/postkaart.
A physical Christmas card is still the preferred format for Christmas greetings
A study conducted in Great Britain showed that Christmas postcards are still considered the best way of spreading Christmas cheer. Surprisingly, cards in paper form were favoured most of all by 18-24-year-olds, and what makes this means of sending cards even more popular is the possibility of mailing them via the internet.
The study, which was conducted among 2,000 people by Royal Mail, revealed that Christmas cards in paper form are still the most favoured way of spreading Christmas cheer. Over 80% of the respondents preferred paper Christmas cards over e-cards or other social media Christmas greetings. It was particularly noteworthy that the largest contingent of fans of paper cards are found among the 18-24 age group. More than 75% of all respondents said a Christmas postcard helped to spread Christmas spirit and 70% use Christmas cards as home decorations during Yuletide.
Temporary post boxes for sending Christmas cards
To make it even easier to mail Christmas cards, Eesti Post installed 30 temporary Christmas mailboxes across the country. The temporary post boxes were installed in the most frequented post offices and shopping centres. For example, a Christmas post box can be found in Tallinn by the Rimi at Ülemiste Centre, the atrium of Rocca al Mare mall, Kristiine Centre, the fourth floor of Stockmann department store; in Tartu, at the Eeden shopping centre; and in Viljandi, the Uku centre.
Letter written, have stamp – what’s next?
To allow your letter to reach the intended recipient quickly, please bear in mind the following:

  • Write the correct address in legible fashion using the Roman alphabet and Western numerals.
  • Make sure that the postal code is correct. You can find the code on the search page.
  • If you send a letter or card abroad, be sure to specify the country (by its English or French name).
  • Affix the stamp with the right postage in the upper right corner of the envelope or card. The correct postage for domestic letters within Estonia is €0.65. Letters to other European countries cost €1.40 and to other destinations in the world, €1.50.
  • It is definitely a good idea to observe the letter collection times, which is when a posted letter will begin its journey toward its recipient.



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