Personalised Christmas cards can be sent by mail from the Internet as well

In collaboration with FCR Media, Omniva has created a novel solution. This year, for the first time, it is possible to send a Christmas card with personal greetings by mail from the Internet as well.
Although half of the two million letters sent by private persons are sent in December, the overall trend of sending letters has, however, decreased from year to year. To maintain the sincere Christmas tradition and to make it more modern, Omniva has, in collaboration with FCR Media, created an opportunity to design one's own Christmas card and forward them from the Internet.
According to Mari Allese, Head of Omniva's Postal Services, the aim of the project is to make the process of forwarding Christmas cards easy and comfortable. “As more and more services are moving to the online environment, we found that there should be a more modern e-solution for sending Christmas cards as well, as they allow sending the purest emotion and joy to your loved ones,” Allese explained.
It is possible to forward a postcard in the online environment with a photo chosen by the customer without having to leave their home. The solution allows the person to select a photo and, if they want, add a personal text and design as well. If the customer prefers a Christmas card with a traditional image, they can choose one from the environment as it also includes a selection of wintery and Christmas photos.
It is possible to send the letter with two methods. Firstly, it is possible to enter your own address. Then, a second envelope and a stamp will be sent with the postcard, which can then be mailed. This way, the customer can, if they wish, write the text on the card themselves.
Secondly, it is possible to send the card with the text written online directly to the receiver and choose a suitable delivery date. Then, Omniva will print the postcard, add a special Christmas stamp, which smells like gingerbread, and deliver the postcard to the receiver. This way, the customer does not have to spend time on finding a card, a stamp, and a mailbox.
It is possible to send a personalised Christmas card through the online environment to Estonia and everywhere else in the world as well. Omniva will use a special Christmas stamp, which smells like gingerbread, and a special Christmas-themed envelope for sending the Christmas card.
The environment can be found at https://www.1182.ee/postkaart


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