Changes in universal postal service pricelist from 31.05.2020

The prices and standard terms and conditions of the universal postal service will change from 31 May 2020. Two domestic letter services will be available with different speeds (letter and express letter), weight group calculation for postal parcels becomes easier, and the maxi letter and standard parcel services are unified.

The price change concerns all universal postal services (UPS), but does not concern services operating in market conditions (incl. parcel machine, business letter, etc.).

“Regardless of the declining volumes, postal service remains important for Estonian people, as well as ensuring its sustainability,” said the chairman of the Eesti Post management board, Ansi Arumeel. “The aim of the UPS price change is to ensure a salary raise for the front line employees and ensure the sustainability and quality of the postal service.”

Since the international fees depend on national prices, then the price amendment also allows a fairer price to be demanded from other countries for handling the incoming shipments.
Letter: options are letter and express letter, one international price for sending across the world

Two domestic letter services will be available with different speeds: letter and express letter. Currently, a letter can be sent as a letter that is handed over to delivery by the next business day and the service price is 0.65 euros. From 31.05, two options will be available: the faster express letter with a higher price (handover to delivery by the next day) or a more affordable option with which the letter is handed over by the third business day. The letter service price is 90 cents and express service price is 1.50. A special orange envelope with a postage stamp printed on it must be used for the express service.
“Other countries’ experience has confirmed that with national letters and post cards most senders are happy if the delivery takes a few days – especially if this also means a lower price,” Arumeel said. “Fees received from other countries are based on the express letter price and the new price allows us to demand a fairer price for handling the postal shipments coming from other countries.”
When sending a letter abroad, the price of 1.90 is valid for all countries.

Postal parcels: simplification and unification with registered maxi letter in the standard parcel service

The universal postal service price change concerns the national and international standard parcel service and does not concern parcel machine or courier delivery fees.

There will be no changes in national standard parcel service and only the price will change. For example, sending a 1-2-kg parcel from post office to post office costs 5.56 euros from 31 May (previously 4.08 euros), sending a 19-20 kg parcel costs 11.50 euros (previously 8.40 euros).

In case of international standard parcels the registered maxi letter and standard parcel services are unified: standard parcels up to 1 kg have similarly to maxi letters three weight groups and for the 0-2 kg weight group the same price is valid as for registered maxi letter. 

For example, a standard parcel and registered maxi letter sent to Finland and weighing up to 0.25 kg costs 7.50 from 31 May (previously, a registered maxi letter was 5.50 and standard parcel 16.88 euros).

To simplify the international standard parcel price list for the postal service user, four weight groups are valid for international postal parcels weighing 2-20 kg.  

Since the maxi letter fee is unified and heavier parcel weight groups are joined, some weight group fees for shipments to certain countries will decrease. 

New prices and standard terms and conditions are enforced from 31 May 2020.

New price lists are available on the Omniva webpage.



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