Omniva and PostEurop gifted a young oak tree to Estonia

Omniva, the members of PostEurop, and children from Kadriorg Kindergarten, planted a young oak in honour of Estonia. The tree was the 100th anniversary gift to the Republic of Estonia and part of PostEurop Green Initiative project.

According to Marko Grden, Head of PostEurop’s Quality of Service Working Group, green thinking is one of the most important focuses of PostEurop. “We are constantly working to increase the number of electric vehicles in the postal network and optimise the delivery routes to save the environment,” explained Grden. “The tree planted in Kadriorg Park today is also a small contribution to a more environmentally friendly future,” added Grden.

According to Marita Mägi, Head of Omniva’s Parcel Services Business Unit, planting the tree symbolised traditions, innovation, and international cooperation. “As our company will soon be a hundred years old, Omniva represented, on the one hand, our history, consistency, and origins, and on the other hand, an international and innovative company,” explained Mägi. “We asked the kindergarten children to join us so there would be people who would know the story of the oak at the next jubilee of our nation,” added Mägi.

The young oak was planted in collaboration with Kadriorg Park, and with the aid of the children from Kadriorg Kindergarten and colleagues of the postal sector from Portugal, Moscow, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, and Estonia. So far, PostEurop has planted trees already before in Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, and Armenia.

Additionally, the PostEurop’s Operational Activities Circle will have steering comitee from Monday to Wednesday in Saare County. The programme includes discussing the activities and plans of all working groups on the basis of the new regional action plan of the Universal Postal Union. The innovation award of PostEurop will also be discussed. In addition, a roundtable will be held with the clients who use the cross-border postal service for delivering e-commerce shipments.

PostEurop, which was established in 1993, is an association of European public postal operators that consists of 52 members from 49 countries. PostEurop aims to bring the members of the association closer together, promote cooperation between the members, and jointly ensure sustainable growth and constant innovation.


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