Omniva’s website is improving

From 22 October 2015, you can see a new homepage view on the website of Omniva. Based on the feedback from the customers, we mapped the main bottlenecks of the website and introduced changes, which enable to obtain information from the website of Omniva in a quicker and more convenient way.
Over the past months, we have requested our customers to provide feedback on the functionality of our website. Many customers expressed the opinion that it is difficult to find the search for parcels, postal codes, and post offices in the middle of the homepage. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of a general search option on the website.
What has been and will be changed?
Considering the proposals of customers, we added a header and a footer and a general search option to our website, and moved the e-service login button to upper right of the screen. Furthermore, we included our customer service centre contact number and e-mail address in the header at which a contact form opens. The button “Enter e-service” moved from the centre of the page to the header – this way, the user immediately sees whether he or she has logged on to the e-service environment or not.

Additionally, we removed the grey navigation bar that was located on the right column, where one could enter e-service and view contact information. This grey navigation bar is still present in the e-service environment, but we are planning to also change it in the mentioned environment during the first half of the next year.

For general search, we developed a system on the basis of the most searched keywords and links, the continuous improvement of which enables to find requested answers in an easier way. In the centre of the site, we slightly changed the layout of the divisions “Important” and “News”. We added quick references, contacts, and the icons of social media to the homepage footer.
Thanks to your feedback we can further improve our website.

All suggestions and opinions that are related to the functionality of the new homepage and general search can be sent via https://www.omniva.ee/tagasiside.


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