Post offices will also be open in the evenings and on Sundays in December

In order to ensure that all would be able to send their Christmas parcels and cards in good time, bigger post offices will be open longer than usual in December.

A total of 47 post offices all over Estonia will be open longer both on weekdays and weekends. Also, as an exception, several post offices will be open on Sundays.

Head of Retail Business Unit of Eesti Post Pille Kauber said that longer opening hours provide people with an option to visit the post office also in the evenings after working hours and on weekends. “We want to ensure that people can send all their Christmas parcels and cards without worrying about the opening hours of the post offices. Therefore, we decided to extend the opening hours of the bigger post offices also in the evenings and on Sundays,” Kauber explained.

For example, Tallinn Post Office that is located in former Postimaja is open from 08:00–22:00 on working days and from 10:00–18:00 on weekends during December. The most accurate and updated information on the opening hours of a specific post office can be found on the website of Omniva.

Since the post offices are extremely popular during Christmas month and the volumes of parcels and letters almost doubled, Kauber hopes that the customers understand the situation. “During Christmas month, we have a higher number of employees working, and all customer service providers will do their best to ensure that all customers are guaranteed excellent service as quickly as possible,” she confirmed.

However, those who want to avoid the Christmas turmoil can send their shipments by means of Omniva parcel machines, which are easily accessible and open round the clock.


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