Express envelope must be used to send a quick letter

From 31 May, letter-sending prices change and more stamps must be put on the envelope when sending a letter. A significant change is also that in case of a letter sent within Estonia, two services are established: letter and express letter.
A letter, which is sent for 90 cents, is delivered to the addressee on the third business day following the handover. Thus, if the exact date of receiving the letter is not important (for a travel postcard, for instance) or it can be planned ahead (e.g. a birthday card, because the birthday date is known earlier), you can opt for the more affordable service.
An express letter is delivered on the business day following the handover. A special orange envelope with “Ekspresskiri” marked on it that costs 1.50 euros is used for the express letter service.  You do not have to add stamps to the envelope – when sending an express letter, the client gets both the stamp and the envelope for one price.
When sending a letter abroad you no longer have to wonder how much it costs to send a letter to a specific country: a universal flat rate applies to all countries (1.90), making the service much easier to use.
The current stamps will remain valid after 31 May, but you need to add stamps in the necessary denomination to make sure the cost of stamps complies with the new letter-sending price.
New postage stamps and additional stamps (5 or 25 cents, to be added to the previously issued stamps) are sold at post offices and sub-post offices. You can also order these conveniently and contact-free from the e-store https://pood.omniva.ee/et and these will be delivered to the client’s home mailbox.
Express letter envelopes will be available at all post offices and sub-post offices from 28 May, and you can order them from the e-store even earlier. You can also have a mail carrier deliver the express envelopes home.  Express letters can be sent from 31 May.


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