Omniva now offers direct mail options for small businesses and private persons

New web environment allows you to order direct mail to your village or business.

Omniva and printing service provider Pagerr created direct mail ordering environment omniva.pagerr.ee, where small businesses and private persons can conveniently order direct mail for the community.
Omniva head of direct mail services Liisa Järsk says that direct mail as a marketing or communication channel has thus far been the playing field of major clients who communicate directly with account managers. "We nevertheless wanted small businesses and private persons to also have a fast, convenient and smooth option to deliver messages in their area," Järsk said. "Private persons have used direct mail to find missing pets, for example. During the first coronavirus wave, small businesses became more interested in direct mail because the entrepreneurs wanted to inform their communities of their continued business activities or available home delivery services," Järsk described.
According to Pagerr service manager Rudolf-Gustav Hanni, the new collaboration has a small environmental impact because the leftover printing service paper is used by adding the orders to the unused paper. "Our partnering printers always have a certain amount of paper left over that ends up in recycling. In cooperation with Omniva, we are using these leftovers in direct mail delivery and thus offering a more environmentally friendly printing solution," Hanni said. 
In addition to ordering direct mail, the web environment lets you design the materials to be posted – the self-service environment contains the tools for designing.
Direct mail is an excellent marketing channel for both new and experienced e-merchants to deliver information about your e-store service updates and convenient user options to those who do not follow digital channels daily. Similarly to digital channels, direct mail advertising has an affordable contact price and wide coverage and allows you to focus on very precise target groups.


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