Data exchange


Data exchange manual
Request examples:
Parcel to Parcel machine
(without additional services) (with additional services)
Parcel to post office
(specific PO) (address)
Parcel to courier delivery
(without additional services) (with additional services)
Consolidated shipment
(request) (response)
International parcels
(request examples)
Domestic letters (EE to EE) - available from 17.06.2024
(request examples)
International letters - available from 17.06.2024
(request examples)
Addresscard to e-mail
(request) (response)
Addresscard to base-64
(request) (response)
Create courier pickup
(request) (response)
Cancel courier pickup
(request) (response)
Event request responses
(by eventID) (by barcode)

Possible events
  • Forwarding shipment information
  • Requesting labels for shipments
  • Requesting events and location for shipments
  • Creating and cancelling courier pickups
  • Requesting locations of parcel machines and post offices
How does it work?
Data integration allows to send parcel data to Omniva automatically. 
To use data integration, following steps need to be done :
  • Create business customer contract with Omniva. After contract has been created we assign you account manager. You can see account manager details in e-service under company settings.
  • Notify account manager that you want to use data integration. (service codes can be found here)
  • Account manager will you provide you with needed credentials.
Import types
Business To Client (b2c)
Data is forwarded and confirmed automatically. Forwarded data must be correct, there is no option to edit it afterwards. If there was a mistake in shipment data, then data must be resent after fixing (please note, that same barcode cannot be reused). Forwarded shipments are visible in Business customer self-service under "shipments list" menu.

Client To Client (c2c)
Solution for marketplaces that mediate sales from private customers to private customers. Please note that with this import type receiver always pays for transport fees

Label can be requested either from our server or customer can create their own. In latter case label form must be first agreed with customer manager
If label is requested from our server it can be sent either to e-mail or received in Base64-format.
If data is received in Base64, then conversion to PDF must be done on customers end.

Requesting label from our server
Please see data exchange manual for more details

Creating your own label
If label is not requested from us, it must include following data
  • Contact and address data of sender and receiver
  • Service and additional service data
  • In case of parcel machine destination, parcel machine name and zip code
  • Shipment barcode. Please see instructions here
  • Omniva logo
Data exchange through e-shop platforms
Omniva has created plugins for various e-shop platforms.

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