Now you can also use international phone numbers at Omniva´s parcel machines to register a parcel

Previously you could only send parcels from a parcel machine with a Baltic phone number, but now you can send notifications to any phone number abroad. The new development will apply to customers in all three Baltic states, both at parcel machines and when registering a parcel in the My Omniva environment.

When might you need it?
For example, if you are using a Finnish phone number because you work in Finland or have a Ukrainian number, we now offer you the possibility to use these phone numbers to send parcels via parcel machines.

What to look out for when preparing a parcel?
When you are preparing your parcel, make sure that the area code of the phone number you enter is correct. Only then can you proceed to the next step of the parcel registration process.

Use My Omniva
The most convenient way to register a parcel is to do it via My Omniva, which is cheaper than sending a parcel from a parcel machine and offers more additional services. For example, you can use a promotional code or get a careful handling label for your parcel. However, these options are not available when registering your parcel at a parcel machine.

What should you pay attention to in My Omniva?
Maybe you want to order a parcel from a parcel machine near your workplace or summer home? In this case, make sure you have indicated your preference for the parcel machine you would like to receive your parcel at when you are registering a parcel in My Omniva. This way, you can avoid the system choosing the closest parcel machine to the address you entered in your account.

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