Subscribe to the universal service of Eesti Energia at an Omniva post office

From Monday, October 3 you may submit an application at an Omniva post office to subscribe to or opt out of the universal electricity service of Eesti Energia.
The customers of Eesti Energia whose current electricity package is more expensive than the universal service will be automatically transferred to the universal service. Private persons can submit a request at an Omniva post office for concluding a universal service agreement with Eesti Energia, to verify contractual information, or opt out of the automatic transfer to the universal service.
‘News related to electricity concerns everyone living in Estonia right now. Most people can carry out actions related to the universal service themselves, but there are also those that need help. As the post offices of Omniva are located all over Estonia and we have a long experience of providing services, we can reorganise our work quickly to help people with reviewing, concluding, and cancelling agreements related to the universal electricity service,’ said Kristi Unt, member of the management board of Omniva.
Dajana Tiitsaar, the head of the Estonian market of Eesti Energia, says that customers have many questions right now. ‘We understand your concerns and we will do our best to help people as much as we can in this challenging and stressful period. We are delighted that we can now also use the nationwide service network of Omniva to assist our customers. We realise that people have many questions and we will do our best to make the information available to everyone,’ added Tiitsaar.
Providing the universal service required thorough preparations and training the employees of Omniva in cooperation with Eesti Energia. ‘The employees of our post offices are ready to assist anyone who wishes to subscribe to the universal service of Eesti Energia or receive information about it. This option is well suited for people without online access,’ Unt added.
At the post offices, private persons can carry out the following activities related to the universal electricity service with the help of a customer attendant:

  • ​ask for advice and information on the universal service;
  • check whether their electricity contract with Eesti Energia is automatically transferred to a universal service contract;
  • submit a request to switch or subscribe to the universal service of Eesti Energia;
  • submit a request to cancel the automatic transfer to the universal service of Eesti Energia.

Only private persons can submit requests concerning the universal service at post offices. Representatives of apartment associations should contact the customer service of Eesti Energia directly. In order to make changes related to the universal service, Omniva identifies the customer using the information system of the customer attendant. You will therefore need to have an ID card or proof of identity with you.
Activities related to the universal electricity service can be carried out at post offices until the end of the year. You can find the post office nearest to your home or workplace on the Omniva website at https://www.omniva.ee/private/map.
The easiest way for the customers of Eesti Energia to manage their electricity package is on the website www.energia.ee. See the frequently asked questions at https://www.energia.ee/en/universaalteenus


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