Sending humanitarian aid parcels to Ukraine will cost 90 cents per kilogramme

From 1 September, sending a humanitarian aid parcel to Ukraine from a private person to a private person will cost 90 cents per kilogramme.
‘Since March, Estonian private persons have sent over 70,000 kg of humanitarian aid to Ukraine free of charge through Omniva. Considering the growing parcel volumes, transport expenses, and the lengthening time horizon, it is necessary to put a price on parcel delivery,’ explained Marita Mägi, Head of International Parcel and Letter Services. ‘In comparison with the usual fee of sending an international parcel, it is a much cheaper price to cover transport costs in particular. When it comes to Ukraine, it is increasingly more difficult to find a carrier who would take the responsibility of delivering parcels to a country at war. Therefore, the transportation costs for the humanitarian aid service have increased several times compared to the beginning of the service. Omniva will continue to contribute to the organisation of the service free of charge.’
To send a humanitarian aid parcel, you must go to the Omniva post office to complete the parcel card and customs form and pack the parcel on site. The maximum weight and dimensions of the shipment must be in accordance with the conditions of the maxi parcel, i.e., the parcel must weigh up to 30 kg and meet the required dimensions. Only products intended for sending humanitarian aid can be sent, these products are specified in the conditions of sending humanitarian aid parcels. Perishable food, fragile items, alcohol, weapons, and other products not intended for private use may not be sent. Information on the conditions and formalities for sending humanitarian aid parcels can be found on the Omniva website and at post offices across Estonia. Find the nearest post office on this page. For information on the post offices in Ukraine that are currently open, visit Omniva’s website.


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