The construction of the most modern Omniva LT parcel sorting terminal in the Baltic countries has officially begun in the Kaunas FEZ

The construction of the most modern parcel sorting terminal in the Baltic States has officially begun in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone (LEZ). It is planned that the total area of this Omniva LT terminal will reach almost 22 thousand. sq. m., which is equivalent to three football stadiums. The group of company that manages the largest network of post machines is investing more than 40 million euros in the new parcel sorting terminal and the sorting technology installed in it. This is the largest investment of the OMNIVA group. The completion of the construction of the new terminal with an automated parcel sorting line is expected in the second quarter of 2024.
The beginning of the construction of the "Omniva LT" parcel sorting terminal was marked by the digging of an unusual capsule/cornerstone: a parcel of joy buried at the construction site for future generations. The "Omniva" team symbolically added in the transparent package something that brings joy not only to Lithuania, but also to the customers and employees of the entire group of companies.
Benefits for the entire Baltic region
According to Mart Mägi, Chairman of the Board of OMNIVA, the construction of the new parcel sorting terminal is significant not only for Lithuania, but also for the entire Baltic region.
"Operating the largest network of parcel machines in the Baltic countries, we are naturally ripe for expansion, so record investments in the largest and most modern parcel sorting terminal in our region are very timely. Lithuania was not chosen for the construction of this terminal by chance, it is the closest to the Western countries, from which and to which the largest number of international shipments travel, and so far we have had the lowest level of automation here, but the highest growth. We anticipated that the sorting line under construction would ensure the automated distribution of shipments to more than 700 different destinations. The future parcel sorting terminal could be compared to the new gateway of the Baltic countries to the world, which will give even more impetus to the growth of businesses in the region", says M. Mägi, Chairman of the Board of OMNIVA.
According to Mägi, both the need and the potential of such a modern logistics center are enormous, as the region's e. commerce players are transforming their sales from local to global. This is evidenced by the stable growth of the number of business customers. It is said that in the first year alone, when Omniva LT introduced the service of international shipments, half a thousand contracts were concluded, and the number of customers, whose activities are not limited to the three Baltic countries, is growing steadily.
An unconventional summer
One of the most important highlights of the terminal will be the parcel sorting line produced by the company Equinox Europe, in which Omniva LT separately invests about 9 million euros. This line can automatically sort up to a third of a million parcels per day. The total capacity of this terminal will reach up to 15 thousand. of sorted parcels per hour. Bearing in mind that the number of sorted parcels did not decrease this summer, which is quite usual in the hot season, the increased operational capacity will help strengthen the position of the Omniva Group as a priority logistics partner in the Baltic countries.
"We are players in an extremely competitive market, so technological progress, innovation in increasing operational productivity and sustainability are on our priority list. From the technological side, the new parcel sorting terminal will be automated, which will allow maximum avoidance of human factor errors and ensure the speed of parcel delivery. At the same time, thinking about the future, we foresee further expansion opportunities - the total area of the terminal will have the opportunity to grow twice", says Omniva LT manager Vaidrius Verikas.
Energy will be provided by a solar power plant
According to Omniva LT CEO Vaidrius Verikas, the company's terminal will stand out on the market with modern technologies and unique sustainability solutions. The company is planning to install a 1.6 MW solar power plant on the roof of the building, which will fully cover all the terminal's electricity needs.
"Reducing energy costs, of course, brings economic benefits and it helps to gain a competitive advantage. However, by investing in green energy, we look to the future and purposefully follow the path of sustainable business. The next step will be the electrification of the transport fleet", Vaidrius Verikas, manager of Omniva LT, speaks about the company's plans.
In the new parcel sorting terminal, not only the Omniva LT logistics department will operate, part of the building will be dedicated to equipping modern office premises, to which about 60 employees of the Kaunas administration will move. Great attention is paid not only to comfortable work but also to rest zones - employees will be able to use the gym, sauna, chill zone, outdoor basketball court and grill area will be installed.
The new parcel sorting terminal is being implemented by the general contracting company Conres, which has many years of experience, using the "Design-build" method.
The company Omniva LT manages the largest network of post machines in Lithuania, which consists of 420 post machines with more than 55 thousand parcel sections. The company created the first Lithuanian external goods return service. Omniva LT belongs to the international group of companies OMNIVA, which is managed by Estonian Post - AB Eesti Post.

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