Omniva now provides a return services for goods to merchants

Starting from September, Omniva provides a return service for goods to merchants for their physical and online stores in all Baltic countries.
Our comprehensive environment for handling returns is suitable for a company of any size which does not have a solution for its customers for returning goods.
‘We are offering a complete and flexible service to all merchants; it helps manage all activities related to returns in a single convenient environment. You only need to contact Omniva to implement the service and it will be activated immediately. A merchant can determine the terms and conditions of returns, such as the period or the date of transferring the purchase price to the customers’ accounts, and monitor all statuses and reasons of returns,’ explained Kristo Kõivumägi, the Head of Estonian Business Segment of Omniva.
The returns system is straightforward: after a company has concluded a contract for the service with Omniva and configured the terms and conditions for returns, its clients can use the website https://tagastus.omniva.ee/ for formalising the return of goods. After this, the client will take items they want to return to an Omniva parcel machine, and from there, it will be delivered to the merchant.
This service enables returning products to an online store even if they were purchased through another courier service provider, as well as exchanging items. Moreover, clients can conveniently monitor the progress of the return.
The returns system allows a merchant to provide an easy and convenient purchase experience for the customers. ‘If the buyer knows that they can return goods to the shop if necessary, they are much more inclined to order,’ Kõivumägi added. ‘The option to return items helps to increase trust in a shop as well as sales.’

For more information on the return service for goods, please visit our website www.tagastus.omniva.ee, contact us at [email protected], or through your personal account manager.
Omniva is the only domestic parcel machine service provider in Estonia. It has the largest network of parcel machines across the country, more than 300 to date, and this number is constantly increasing. There are 25 towns in Estonia, where the only parcel machine provider is Omniva. Usually, a package posted before noon arrives already in the morning of the next day.


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