Omniva Celebrates Upside-down Christmas!

Omniva has Upside-down Christmas campaign, lasting until 26 June.
The aim of the campaign is to create a wonderful (festive) spirit during the late spring and early summer, reminiscent of Christmas, except in a summery mood.
During the campaign, we encourage you to do the same things as during Christmas, except in reverse and with the feel of a Midsummer’s Eve.
Every week, there is a new challenge or activity!

The challenge for the first week was reciting a Christmas poem backwards, on the second week we invited you to prepare for Christmas already during summer and plant your personal Christmas tree, third week was all about gifts, the fourth week was about sharing the joy of sending Midsummer cards!
And the Grand finale of upside-down Christmas is finding the best Midsummer songs!

We all know Christmas wouldn’t be the same without its beautiful music. But what is the equivalent of “Silent Night” for Midsummer’s Day? 
Spruce trees are planted, all the presents have been given, and the special Midsummer’s Day cards have been sent to people’s loved ones. Now, on the fifth week of upside-down Christmas and with holidays being just around the corner, it is time to get truly festive. 
We ask you to think of your favorite songs for jaanipäev and share them on our Facebook page! There are definitely some tunes you can’t imagine spending the summer holidays without and the ones that really get the crowd on their feet.

If you don’t know any Estonian folk songs or modern classics (but you really should get acquainted, there are some catchy tunes among them!) think about international hits or even better - introduce us to some “summer anthems” and hidden gems from your own playlists. 

With your help Omniva will put together a playlist with the greatest hits for Midsummer’s Day that you can actually enjoy throughout the summer. All participants will be entered into a prize draw to win bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy the best music on your summer adventures!
Happy holidays! 



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