Review and, if necessary, update My Omniva account information

Please note that for security reasons, as of 5 June it will not be possible to create a new account or log in to an existing account with a username and password in the Omniva self-service.

In order to keep your customer account and to ensure that you do not lose your marked delivery point preferences, we ask you to update your details:

  1. Go to my.omniva.ee
  2. Sign in using your ID card, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID
  3. Your account will be automatically updated and your preferences will be transferred
  4. From now on, you can use the same authentication methods to access the environment

If you do not update your data, the old account will be automatically closed on 5 June and any preferences you have marked will be deleted. This means that we can no longer take your preferences into account when sending shipments. To add new preferences, you need to register a new account.


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