Omniva and Ukrainian Postal Service Ukrposhta renewed the partnership agreement

Omniva, the national postal service of Estonia and Ukrposhta, the national postal service of Ukraine, renewed the partnership agreement to strengthen and grow cooperation.
Mart Mägi, chairman of the board of Omniva, and Igor Smelyansky, CEO of JSC “Ukrposhta”, held a meeting in Kyiv to discuss their previous long-term partnership and further activities and possibilities to strengthen cooperation in the future, and signed a bilateral Agreement between the Postal Operators. 
Omniva is the first postal operator whose representatives visited Ukrposhta in Kyiv since the beginning of the Russia full-scale invasion in February 2022.
“We are proud of the activity of Ukrposhta, which, despite the war, ensures the delivery of postal and parcel services in the country, so that everyday life can continue for Ukrainians,” emphasised Mart Mägi. “Omniva supports Ukrposhta with strong cooperation and the signing of a renewed partnership agreement confirms that it will continue and increase in the future.”
“For many years Ukrposhta has been cooperating with Omniva, as one of our main transit partners. We are dedicated to creating together fast-track solutions for major European e-commerces. Even during the full-scale invasion, Ukrposhta concentrates on serving our clients with best customer experience to deliver critical goods, highly needed in Ukraine now,” said Igor Smelyansky.
Ukraine has been the biggest destination for Omniva’s international business for years. Since the beginning of this year, Omniva has delivered more than half a million parcels to Ukraine. Omniva trucks arrive in Ukraine on a daily basis, providing one of the fastest e-commerce delivery services to Ukraine during these troubled times. Currently, Omniva offers Ukraine services for customers on three continents.
Last year, Omniva delivered free humanitarian aid to Ukraine in cooperation with charity organisations. Omniva and Ukrposhta also launched free addressed parcels from private persons from Estonia to Ukraine, Omniva delivered items to Ukrposhta’s Lviv sorting hub. From March to December 2022, Omniva sent to Ukrposhta totally 17 600 free parcels from Estonia with a total weight of almost 74 000 kg.
Starting 1 January 2023, private individuals from Estonia can send parcels to private individuals in Ukraine under favourable conditions, at prices starting from the EUR 6.58. In 2023 Ukrposhta reduced delivery rates to Estonia by 45%. Now an item up to 250 g can be sent at USD 5.73 and a 1 kg item, at a price starting at USD 11.



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