Omniva will begin transporting mail with electric cargo bikes

To provide environmentally friendly postal services, Omniva will expand its vehicle fleet and introduce electric cargo bikes by Vok Bikes on a larger scale. The first five bikes have already arrived and are ready to deliver parcels.

Kristi Unt, Member of the Board of Omniva, acknowledged that electric bikes are another step that Omniva is taking to provide a service that supports a green living environment. The company is already using solar panels at their logistics centre on Rukki Road, and since March, postal services are provided with new electric cars in many Estonian regions. ‘We have set the goal of providing an environmentally friendly service and are gradually moving in that direction. This spring and summer, couriers across Estonia will be delivering parcels with 15 new electric bikes,’ said Unt. ‘Vok Bikes are fast and effective and very suitable for providing our postal service in densely populated areas. We definitely plan to expand the use of electric bikes in the future.’

Omniva’s electric bikes will be used in Tallinn, Tartu, Jõgeva, Haapsalu, Kuressaare, and Pärnu. Vok Bikes ride at a speed of up to 25 km an hour and travel up to 100 km on a single charge. The use of the bike is rendered comfortable by the transparent front window and the roof that protects from bad weather. There is a cargo space at the back of the bike, which enables the transportation of a larger number of periodicals and letters that would be impossible to deliver with a regular bike in one go. In comparison with delivery on foot, the cargo bike can service 15% more customers. In addition, the cargo bike is good for moving in places not easily accessible by car. The same traffic rules and safety requirements apply for electric cargo bikes as for all cyclists.

Last year, as part of a pilot project, Omniva introduced the first electric cargo bike in Tallinn for testing, with which a courier delivers mail in the city centre. ‘The first experience of providing a service with an electric bike in a densely populated area is positive, and so we decided to gradually introduce these bikes first in cities, but then why not in settlements or small towns as well,’ added Omniva’s Head of Logistics and Transport Jaan Lisitski. ‘The advantage of Vok Bikes is the easy and convenient access to houses and flexible manoeuvring options. Couriers are very interested in driving them and many of them are eager to!’


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