Omniva parcel machine network to be revamped

Omniva is investing in its network and this year and next year a total of 267 parcel machines will be replaced and installed across the Baltics.
‘Omniva has the largest network across the Baltics – 960 parcel machines in total – but the volume of parcel deliveries is growing and the expectation for new parcel machines remains high. We want to offer the best service close to home, and to this end we are installing more parcel machines and replacing the out-dated ones with new ones,’ said Kristi Unt, member of the management board of Omniva.
Of the 309 parcel machines in Estonia, almost 30 are located in settlements where only Omniva is present. According to Kristi Unt, it is responsible to support people living in smaller settlements, where there are few retail establishments and more and more people order basic goods and services either by courier or to a parcel machine. ‘This year, in cooperation with local municipalities, we installed nearly 40 new parcel machines across Estonia. Many of them were located in small villages, where until now there were no parcel machines,’ emphasised Kristi Unt.  
‘In the near future, we will install 10 more parcel machines, for which preparations are already underway. At the end of this year and next year, we will upgrade the Estonian network with 115 parcel machines, which includes replacing out-dated ones and installing new ones,’ Unt added.  
Omniva parcel machines are located outdoors and can be accessed at any time of the day or day of the week. They can be used to send parcels to Omniva parcel machines across the Baltics and to post offices, or to order a courier delivery. In addition, parcels up to L-size (39 × 38 × 64) can be sent to other parts of the EU. You can also receive online purchases you have ordered or parcels sent from another private person. Return and parcel storage services are also available as an additional service.


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