Omniva is represented at the international Parcel+Post Expo for the first time

On 18–20 October, Omniva will be attending the Parcel+Post Expo in Frankfurt, Germany, where leading companies from the e-commerce logistics and postal industry from around the world will meet.
Omniva will be showcasing its innovative postal and parcel service capabilities at the global event to find international partners. A special booth with the new Omniva brand design has been built for this purpose. ‘The fair offers excellent opportunities to make contacts across borders and to learn about new technologies. All the latest developments in the world of postal and parcel technology are highlighted here, and it is an honour to be part of this world,’ explained Mart Mägi, Chairman of the Management Board of Omniva.
The fair will also feature a conference with experts in their field, who will give an overview of the latest developments and strategies in the industry. Mart Mägi, representing Omniva, will take the stage as one of the 180 performers. His presentation will give an overview of how to survive and thrive in the face of rapid and difficult changes. In addition, Mägi will present to an international audience the Omniva success story, where a strong team, innovation, and agility are the cornerstones of change.
‘Omniva has faced three major crises in recent years: COVID-19, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and rapid inflation. We have learned from all of these crises that responding quickly to change helps us to adapt better. The existence of good technology and the ability to keep experimenting will ensure success here,’ said Mägi.

Read more on the website of Parcel+Post Expo.


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