Omniva tests environment-friendly light duty electric vehicles for mail delivery

Omniva started working with the Norwegian company Paxster AS to test the suitability of environment-friendly electric vehicles for mail delivery.
According to Kristi Unt, member of the Management Board of Omniva, Omniva has taken the direction of adopting environment-friendly solutions in the provision of services as well as in choosing the means of transport.
‘Our aim is to reduce the environmental footprint of the parcel and mail services in the ‘last mile’ delivery of parcels to the doorstep, and to this end, we are testing the use of alternative vehicles. We are testing the new generation of light duty electric vehicles for mail deliveries in urban areas to reduce the environmental footprint of our vehicles and also the costs,’ said Kristi Unt.
The Paxster Cargo Gen 2.2 and Paxster xl electric vehicles can travel up to 100 km on a single charge. The vehicle travels at a maximum speed of 60 kilometres per hour and can carry up to 200 kg. Driving licences are required. The advantage of an electric vehicle is its relatively low noise level compared to a car with an internal combustion engine. As couriers often serve areas at early hours when most people are fast asleep, the service will thereby be less disruptive.
‘Since the beginning of May, we have been testing the suitability of two vehicles for mail delivery in Tallinn, in the Kalamaja area and in Maardu. Light duty electric vehicles are well-suited for driving in areas with heavy traffic, as they are comfortable to drive and manoeuvre even on small streets,’ said Evert Rööpson, Head of Operations and Logistics at Omniva. ‘As the vehicles have no doors, it is easier and quicker to make short stops to put items in the mailbox and move on. Taking into consideration the heavy traffic and occasional congestions in Tallinn, the vehicle does not consume energy while stuck in traffic jams, which will help to keep the city air cleaner. In addition, the vehicle can carry a much larger amount of periodicals and other items, so we can deliver more in one mail round.’
‘The new vehicles are already being used for mail rounds around the city and for delivering parcels to many homes, and we look forward to receiving feedback from our couriers on their suitability and durability,’ said Rööpson. The first test period will last for a month and, if successful, the next test will be carried out next winter to test the resistance of the Paxster vehicles to the changing and variable weather conditions in Estonia.
Omniva is already using the Renault Kangoo ZE electric vehicles in several Estonian cities and plans to increase the number of such vehicles to forty-two this year. In some cities in Estonia, couriers also deliver mail by Vok Bikes electric delivery bikes.


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