The post offices of Omniva will get a new look and feel

Omniva has announced a procurement to find a partner to renovate its post offices. The first renovated post office will be opened at the end of the year. Over the next three years, all post offices across Estonia will be renovated.
According to Mari-Liis Küppar, the brand manager of Omniva, the company is undergoing many changes towards innovation and modernity in order to offer the best experience to its customers. The renovation of the post offices is part of the planned changes and a long-term investment in better customer service.
‘The focus of the innovations is on the customer – we are modernising our service environment and expanding the product range. We aim to make the environment of post offices more pleasant and convenient for both the customer and the employee. We want our new post offices to attract customers’, said Küppar. ‘Although the habits of consumers have changed and there is a growing preference for parcel machines, there is still a need for many services that are provided in our post offices. We want to support the customer by offering direct communication, good advice, and quality service, so that sending a parcel or letter would be a pleasant experience.’
The interior design and service solutions of the post offices are based on the needs of the customers. The keywords are openness, advisory sales, digital solutions, etc. An importance change is that there will be more screens in the post offices with the necessary information for the customer. It is planned to use glass, metal, and wood imitation in the post offices. As the offices will offer a new selection of goods, the display furniture and layout will change. There will be a packaging table in the centre of the post office, as most people go to post offices to receive or send parcels. There will also be an option to wrap and send parcels as a gift, especially for holidays or anniversaries. 
The first post offices to be renovated are the eight most visited offices that have not been renovated in the last few years: the post offices in Keila, Rakvere, Kuressaare, Tartu Kvartal shopping centre, Tallinn city centre, Kristiine shopping centre, Arsenal, and Järve.
Omniva announced a procurement to find a partner to provide a complete solution for the renovation of the post offices in accordance with the interior design concept developed by the private limited companies Uplift and PINK. The deadline for the submission of tenders is 15 July. The invitation to tender is available in the public procurement register.


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