WARNING: Fraudulent messages and emails are soliciting personal information and payments on behalf of Omniva

Various schemes continue to circulate where people receive fraudulent messages and emails claiming to be from Omniva. Similar fraudulent schemes are also spread through social media. For example, individuals are informed that the delivery of their package has been suspended due to incorrect destination information, and they are asked for personal information or requested to make payments.

Additionally, there is a scam email accompanied by a photo of a named package. The email states that the shipment has not been delivered due to incomplete payment, and to pay for the shipment, one must click on a link.

These are scams, and Omniva is not associated with the sending of these messages! We urge you to be vigilant, and in case of any doubt, please verify whether the parcel number in the notification corresponds to the ordered shipment. Using the My Omniva shipment tracking system at https://minu.omniva.ee/track can also help confirm the accuracy of the parcel notification.

To ensure that it is not a scam, you can always contact Omniva customer service (phone: 661 6616, email: [email protected], Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat-Sun and holidays 9-15).

Additional information on how to recognize scam emails and what fraudulent emails and messages look like can be found here (in estonian): https://www.omniva.ee/meelespea-libateavituste-saamisel 



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