How can you identify a scam letter?

From time to time, our customers receive emails and messages asking them to provide additional personal and financial information or to pay a customs or delivery fee before they can receive their parcel. Although the emails are sent on behalf of Omniva, we are not affiliated with these letters and ask you to pay close attention to the messages you receive. These are scam letters designed to steal your identity or gain access your bank details and money.

Here are a few ways to identify a scam letter

  1. An unusual email address or phone number. At Omniva, we only use the domain ‘omniva.ee’ and email addresses ending with @omniva.ee. If you receive an email from a different address, please do not click on any links or provide your personal data. Sometimes, scammers are hiding behind seemingly legitimate email addresses. To increase their credibility, they add the Omniva logo to their emails. To protect yourself from falling victim to scam emails, also check the following points.
  2. A message asking you to pay for the delivery of the parcel. Omniva will never ask you to share your bank card details or to pay for the package you are expecting by letter or text message. If you have ordered a parcel from Omniva with cash on delivery, pay for it at the parcel machine or directly to the courier.
  3. Suspicious links. Scam emails often ask you to click on a link and share your personal or financial details. Omniva will never ask you for any additional information for issuing your parcel. Therefore, please refrain from clicking on unfamiliar links! 

What to do if you fall victim to fraud? If you have already shared your details, contact your bank and report the scam to the police.
And again: if you have not ordered a parcel or if you receive a message from an unknown number or email address, avoid replying to it and sharing your personal information. In case of even the slightest doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 661 6616.


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