Omniva will invest 40 million euros in the construction of the most modern sorting terminal in the Baltics in Kaunas

Omniva, which operates the largest parcel machine network in the Baltics, will invest over 40 million euros in building the most modern parcel sorting centre of the region in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone. This is Omniva Group’s largest investment to date and the new centre will be handling both Lithuanian domestic and international shipments.
‘Considering the future prospects of e-commerce and the related parcel logistics, we believe that this investment is very timely. Firstly, the new sorting line will help optimise and enhance business processes, further improving the quality of our services and making them more available to our customers. Secondly, the new centre will strengthen Omniva’s position as the preferred logistics partner throughout the Baltics as well as improve the working conditions of our employees and preserve natural resources,’ emphasised Heiki Raadik, Member of the Board of Omniva.
The new centre and the office spaces of the company will be located in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone in Lithuania. They cover an area of 21,000 square metres, equal to the size of three football fields.
Approximately 10 million euros of the total amount will be invested in the Equinox Europa parcel sorting line, which is the most modern sorting line on the market and can automatically sort up to 15,000 shipments per hour. The new sorting line will also be serving international Omniva shipments to the Baltic states from Western Europe, China, and other countries. The technologically innovative sorting line helps to avoid possible human errors and the shipments will reach the customer more quickly.
‘We are leading in the Baltics in terms of the number of shipments in parcel machines and we are among the three most beloved brands in Baltics. Although certain turbulence can be detected in the current economy, we are certain that the investment is timely, as it allows focusing on our long-term plans in the domestic markets to be as close to our customers as possible,’ Raadik added. In 2021, Omniva delivered 24 million parcels to its customers via parcel machines. Omniva has 937 parcel machines in the Baltics, including 287 in Estonia, 300 in Latvia, and 350 in Lithuania; the number is constantly growing.
Construction of the new centre along with the installation of the sorting line is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.
Omniva is an international group owned by the Estonian state that offers parcel business, postal business, digital and international transit services. Omniva Group includes AS Eesti Post as the parent company and subsidiaries OÜ Finbite, UAB Omniva LT and UAB Omniva LT Sorting in Lithuania and SIA Omniva in Latvia. In total, the Omniva Group employs 2,472 people in all Baltic countries.


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