How to send a parcel?

First, register your parcel using our e-service. This will be more convenient than filling in all the information at the parcel machine.

How to register a parcel in the e-service?

  1. To register Your parcel, enter our self-service and select "Send parcel" on the front page.Then select the appropriate service and parcel size, enter the details of the sender/recipient and pay for the service. In the e-service, you can print out the address card if you wish and in addition, we will send the parcel code to the sender by SMS and e-mail (by e-mail we will also send a barcode for faster storage of the parcel in the parcel machine).
  2. Print out the address card and attach it to the parcel. If you have no access to a printer, you can do this at the parcel machine.
  3. To send a parcel with a previously printed and attached address card, choose "Sending". Then choose ‘Already registered’ and scan the barcode from the parcel. You can find the scanner on the left-hand side of the parcel machine.
  4. After the locker door has opened, put the parcel in and close the door. If necessary, you can use a bigger locker for an additional fee. After confirmation, you will be given the option to print out a receipt.

Good to know!

When registering your parcel in our e-service, you can use additional services – these include handling with care, or a notification by text or e-mail when your parcel has been retrieved. You cannot choose these additional services at the parcel machine.
  • What if there is no option for printing out an address card in the e-service?
    If the e-service has no option for printing out an address card, choose ‘Send the parcel code by text and print out the address card at the parcel machine or post office’. We will send the parcel code to you by text. You will then need to either scan or manually enter the code at the parcel machine to print out the address card. The parcel machine will then print out the address card. Before attaching the label to the parcel, make sure all the data is correct.

    After scanning in the barcode on the address card, the locker door will open and you can put your parcel in. Confirm that the parcel has been handed over by pressing ‘Confirm’. If necessary, you can use a bigger locker for an additional fee. After pressing ‘Confirm’ you can choose to print out the receipt.

    Good to know!

    Printing a receipt may take longer in cold weather.
  • What should I do with a previously printed address card?
    After registering the parcel in the e-service and printing out the address card, make sure that the information on the card is readable and that the barcode is intact. You can replace a damaged address card by printing out a new one from the order confirmation file. As a registered user, you will be able to print out a new address card after logging in to your e-service account.


  • Take the parcel to the nearest parcel machine.
  • Choose the menu language you need, and then "Send parcel".
  • Choose the destination country and the parcel size.
  • By following the directions, choose and insert the required information.
  • Pay by using your bank card.
  • Attach the address card to the upper side of the parcel. If you have printed out your address card at the parcel machine, you can retrieve it from a slot under the payment terminal.
  • Scan in the barcode and make sure the address card is correct. The scanner is located on the left-hand side of the payment terminal.
  • Put the parcel into the locker, close the door and confirm by pressing "Confirm".
  • If you wish, you can print out a receipt.

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