Tax and Customs systems maintenance creates delays in declarable parcels

Customs information systems will be down for maintenance from 3 May to 8 May, and thus parcels that need to be declared may run late.
The scheduled systems maintenance at the Tax and Customs Board is expected to last from the afternoon of 3 May to 8 May, during which time the operation of X-road data exchange layer services connected to the electronic tax board and customs and MTA databases will be suspended. Neither will it be possible to execute other queries to the MTA’s information systems during this time.
The head of Omniva’s letter and parcel services Eduard Saul says the six-day maintenance will also result in delays affecting parcels that need to be declared. “As it will not be possible for customers or us to fill in customs declarations during the downtime, most parcels will wait until e-services are restored. That means that by 9 May we will have a significantly larger quantity of shipments subject to declaration that need to be processed,” said Saul.
One solution, Saul said, was to submit parcel declarations before the downtime if possible, if the information on the arrival of the parcel has already been received. The parcel declaration may be submitted during the also by email, digitally signed ([email protected]). In that case, documents substantiating the value of the merchandise must be attached.
The head of the MTA’s services department Triin Raaper says the downtime is due to technical reorganization of the e-tax board and e-customs and is unfortunately unavoidable. “The restriction on use of the information systems will certainly cause certain inconvenience for many of our customers during these days but because of it we will make our e-services more up to date, reliable and automated. In this stage, we are developing better solutions for administering users, persons, access privileges and authentication,” said Raaper.
The MTA’s new e-services environment will be finalized by 2020, and during this period a number of central e-solutions are being updated.
For more information about the system downtime, visit the MTA website.
if you have any questions, please contact the MTA’s customer information line.
• Business customer information line – 880 0812
• Private customer information line – 880 0811
• Customs information – 880 0814


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