Omniva will be testing electric mopeds for mail carriers

Omniva will be testing electric mopeds for mail carriers to find new solutions for delivering mail and courier shipments that are beneficial to the environment, the clients, and the employees.

From late October to February, an electric three-wheeler Ligier Pulse 3 will be tested in Northern Tallinn. Pulse 3 was manufactured in the EU and developed in cooperation with postal and courier companies based on the needs of mail carriers and couriers. The vehicle is already being used more extensively by postal and courier companies in France and Belgium. The Ligier vehicles are imported by OÜ Autosõit.

‘In Estonian conditions, the suitability and reliability of electric mopeds is definitely an issue, which is why we are testing them in the autumn and winter period,’ said Jaak Saar, Head of the Delivery Network Unit at Omniva.

Pulse 3 was built to be simple to drive. The electric vehicle is stable, quiet, and small. Usually, three-wheelers are stiff, causing problems when making turns; the tilting system of Pulse 3, however, ensures that the driver can use the same driving techniques as they would on a two-wheel moped or a scooter. At the same time, there is no danger of falling over, as the rear end of the moped does not tilt and the drive wheels have constant traction with the road surface.

According to Saar, the quiet movement of the electric moped is one of its advantages, being particularly important when operating in residential areas. ‘Electric mopeds combine the speed of motor vehicles and the silence and environmental friendliness of delivering on foot, making it the best tool for mail carriers,’ Saar explained.

The rear end of the moped can carry up to 55 kg and up to 20 kg can be placed above the front wheel. There is a bag for dividable materials by the knees and additional storage space under the seat.The electric moped is charged from the usual power network (220 V and 650 W) and no additional devices are needed.

The maximum speed of the electric moped is 45 km/h. Its range in the city, where about ten stops are made in one kilometre, is 30 kilometres; on the highway, this increases to 50 kilometres. The delivery route of a mail carrier in urban areas is usually around 15–20 kilometres long.

Omniva uses different solutions to deliver shipments. Last year, the company started using ATVs specifically customised for mail delivery; this year, in cooperation with Starship and Mercedes-Benz Vans, they tested deliveries with parcel robots.


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