Post11 services international e-commerce with Qstep

Post11, subsidiary of Omniva and one of the largest Chinese courier companies S.F.Express, concluded a software development contract with the company Qstep logiciel OÜ for the purpose of making their operation more effective in servicing increasing international e-commerce shipment volumes.

“The delivery speed of products is becoming an increasingly important factor in being successful in international logistics,” said Gunnar Aru, member of the management board of Post11. “The number of Post11’s destination countries – approx. 100 – as well as their product volumes have increased so much that in order to ensure fast service and maintain the competitive advantage of the company, we need custom software development solutions. Qstep has always been a professional partner, offering innovative ideas for raising the efficiency of processes and developing a custom solution for handling e-commerce shipments in postal channels, which allows us to be a step ahead of everyone else.”

According to Tauri Laane, CEO of Qstep, this software significantly speeds up the work of the terminal, as well as the sorting processes, thereby reducing errors in handling parcels. “Thanks to the Qstep solution, the capacity of Post11 in processing volumes has tripled while the size of the team has remained the same,” said Laane.

Software development gives us the opportunity to handle customers’ shipments by product and destination country, as well as sending information to the track-and-trace environment. In addition, customer-based price lists have been entered into the environment, thereby automating the invoicing process.
The software also enables keeping account of the customs terminal and planning human resources based on shipment volumes. Qstep also has CRM, which provides a fast customer overview and allows managing sales processes. In conclusion, it has everything a company’s operational software should have.

“What we consider especially important is being able to expand to other countries from the same software platform by launching sorting platforms (ETOE) there as well and later, consolidating all the necessary data into the accounting of Post11,” said Gunnar Aru, member of the management board of Post11.

Post11 is the joint enterprise of Omniva and the largest privately held Chinese courier company S.F. Express. It operates mainly in mediating products between China and Europe. Post11 services nearly 100 destination countries.

Qstep is an Estonian enterprise founded in 2014, which provides logistics software solutions. Its clients include air cargo terminals in Estonia, Finland, and Lithuania.


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