Omniva transfers its entire parcel machine network to its own software

According to Omnivas' Head of Business customer segment Evert Rööpson, the Omniva parcel machine network has so far been working in parallel on two software. "The older generation parcel machines work using the Polish parcel machine Integer software and the newer machines use software developed by Omniva," Rööpson explained. "Due to this, the user experience of different parcel machines differs – the new machines are more user-friendly and provide better solutions. As a result of the coming change, we can start providing a better and faster service at all of our parcel machines."
According to Rööpson, this change has been planned and processed for months as nearly half of the parcel machines, i.e. more than 120 machines, must be transferred. Everyone wins from the change – the people using the machines as well as companies and Omniva. "By administrating the software here in Estonia, we are more flexible and can react to clients' needs quicker," Rööpson explained. "At the same time, we can create solutions that have not been developed yet."
Clients' lives will get easier
New solutions simplify clients' actions at the machine. For example, the transfer to unified software will simplify the process of returning goods to e-shops. Where before you had to return the parcel to the same machine from which you retrieved it, in the future, you can return it to any Omniva parcel machine.
Also, after the change, all parcel machines will provide the same parcel preparation service and the option to pay at the machine, and business clients can store prepared and labelled parcels in one slot. This shortens the use time of parcel machines nearly tenfold for the client.
The software also allows the client to the storage service (i.e. simply holding the parcel in the locker) and many other solutions. According to Rööpson, client feedback on the new software has been positive. "Each small detail which makes parcel processing easier for the client is important," Rööpson explained. "With the new software for example, the nearest available locker to the screen opens automatically when sending a parcel so the client has to take less physical steps."


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