The Supervisory Board of Omniva approved the new vision and strategic paths of development

At the meeting of the Supervisory Board on Monday, the new vision, strategic goals, and main paths of development of the company was approved, based on which the company intends to become the most preferred logistics partner in the Baltic states within five years, under the name of Omniva.

According to Mart Mägi, Chairman of the Management Board, the new vision is ambitious. ‘The target for the next five years is to be the most preferred logistics partner in the Baltic states, providing a customer-oriented service in a dedicated and responsible manner. The activity of the international company must satisfy the needs of the owner and the customers more than before,’ said Mägi.
Omniva will be focussing on greater customer satisfaction in the next few years. In order to achieve this, the company intends to start providing quicker, simpler, and more timely deliveries. The new vision sets out that the company will be delivering parcels by the following day as the standard and this will be guaranteed in 99% of the cases. In order to achieve excellent customer satisfaction, Omniva is planning to invest in various IT solutions and make their service more accessible for all members of the society. The entire office network will be updated for delivering letters and parcels and a cross-channel solution will be created in which it will be easier for the customer to choose whether the service will be provided via a post office, a parcel machine, or personally at their home address. ‘The customers also expect the last mile logistics service to become increasingly greener, therefore this will be one of the driving forces of our further developments,’ explained Mägi. In order to develop its environment-friendliness, Omniva will continue to invest in green transport solutions and in creating group mailboxes which unify communities.
Omniva has also undertaken several activities simultaneously with drawing up a new vision, such as expanding the parcel machine network, simplifying its services, the new track-and-trace solution, and updating the visual identity of the company. ‘The transition to the new appearance will be completed stage-by-stage and the customers will first get to see our new appearance on the new parcel machines to be installed in December,’ added Mägi.
The parcel machine network of Omniva will be expanded in eleven Estonian counties in December and new parcel machines will also be installed in Latvia and Lithuania, as a result of which the company will have 286 parcel machines all over Estonia and in total 937 parcel machines in the Baltic states. There are 265 post offices or postal stations and 1,470 mailboxes included in the network of Eesti Post.


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