Omniva: humanitarian aid can now be sent to Ukraine by free parcel

In cooperation with the Ukrainian Post, Omniva now offers private persons the possibility of sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine by free parcel as a new service.
‘The people of Estonia wish to help their acquaintances, friends, and relatives in Ukraine and send help in the form of medicine, foodstuff, clothes, or basic necessities, for example. We offer private persons the possibility of sending a free parcel containing humanitarian aid to a specific address in Ukraine,’ said Marita Mägi, head of Omniva’s international parcel and letter services.
To send the parcel, please contact an Omniva post office to draw up a parcel card and a customs form. The maximum weight and measurements of the shipment must meet the maxi parcel’s requirements, i.e. the parcel can weigh up to 30 kg and must conform to the required dimensions. It is not allowed to ship perishables, fragile items, alcohol, or guns.
Omniva will deliver the parcels to the Ukrainian-Polish border, from where the Ukrainian Post will pick them up and deliver them to the post offices that remain open in Ukraine. ‘Due to the war, the Ukrainian Post operates as much as possible; the addressee can receive the shipped parcel from the local post offices that are currently open and operating,’ Marita Mägi added. For further information on the post offices in Ukraine that are currently open, visit Omniva’s website.
Information on the conditions of sending and formulating humanitarian aid parcels can be found on Omniva’s website and in post offices across Estonia. Find your nearest post office here.


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