Omniva has sent 23 trucks with humanitarian aid to Ukraine

In cooperation with multiple aid organisations, Omniva has already sent 23 trucks containing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Many more trucks containing aid will be sent over the course of this week and the next.
Currently, Omniva is working in collaboration with three charity organisations to support Ukraine. They are the Estonian Red Cross, the non-profit Mondo, and the Estonian Food Bank. ‘With the help of various logistics companies, we are able to send help by dispatching new trucks to Ukraine every day. This means organising the whole process from storaging to arriving safely at the destination’, said one of the members of Omniva’s Management Board, Kristi Unt. ‘People, organisations, and companies have donated so much, and our hands are quite full – we have fixed transport delivery schedules for the coming weeks.’
The first four trucks with aid for Ukraine, organised by the Estonian Red Cross, were dispatched on 9 March. Altogether, 13 trucks with aid organised by the Estonian Red Cross have set out towards Ukraine. Last week, Omniva also began transporting food aid, courtesy of the Estonian Food Bank, to the Kyiv Food Bank; this aid was collected as part of the Estonian Food Industry Association’s appeal to Estonian companies. With the help of the Food Bank, four trucks could be dispatched. In addition, four trucks delivered the humanitarian aid collected with the help of the non-profit organisation Mondo. This week, a truck was dispatched from Omniva’s logistics centre, which delivered food and basic necessities collected by the Tallinn City Government to its partnering city, Kyiv, to the City Council for the inhabitants of the area. The aid collected by Matkahuolto in Helsinki was also dispatched.
Large quantities of humanitarian aid are prepared for transport by Omniva’s employees as well as volunteers – they all sort, assemble, and package the aid on pallets suitable for transport. Many logistics companies contribute to delivering aid to Ukraine – among them are, for example, DSV, Prime Logistics, Cargoway, Transport-Spedycja Kraszewscy, Split Logistics, Stark Logistics, Transport Haldus Infra, Astrom Trade, Pets Transport. Omniva bears the costs of transporting all the goods, except for two shipments which were delivered by Schenker for free.
‘Cooperation with multiple parties has gone well and everybody contributes to ensuring that the shipments are delivered quickly and safely, and that the collected aid reaches those who need it,’ Kristi Unt emphasised.
Omniva stores the aid collected for Ukraine by charity organisations and the Tallinn City Government at the logistics centre on Rukki street. ‘The people of Estonia, the organisations, and the companies have been extremely helpful and a lot of aid has been collected, and the amount of it grows constantly. At the moment, we have enough space to store it,’ Kristi Unt added. ‘In addition to transport beyond the border, we support the organisation of the Estonian Red Cross’ domestic assistance to aid Ukrainian refugees in Estonia. For example, Omniva is helping to transport a larger amount of blankets donated by the Pärnu company Wendre.’


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