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Omniva’s parcel locker network will double in size

The company started expanding parcel lockers this week. During the pre-Christmas network expansion, 63 new parcel lockers will be added to the Baltic network and 100 existing parcel lockers will be expanded.
In addition to placing the cornerstone of the new Logistics Centre, Omniva also started the expansion of its parcel locker network this week. During this expansion, 8 new parcel lockers will be installed in Estonia, 30 in Latvia and 25 in Lithuania. Additionally, at least 37 parcel lockers in Estonia and another 100 across the rest of the Baltics will be expanded.
According to Omniva Board Member Ansi Arumeel, the main motivation behind the expansion was clients’ increasing interest in receiving and sending parcels via parcel lockers. “E-commerce has grown so rapidly that several of our parcel machines are too small to handle the ever-increasing parcel volumes. Clients also expect to have the opportunity to pick up their parcels as close to home as possible,” explained Arumeel. “This is why we have decided to expand our network to nearly double its current size.”
Arumeel also added that the expansion of the parcel locker network will not halt in the coming years, instead, it will speed up. In total, over the next 5 years, Omniva will invest more than 20 million euros into expanding their Baltic parcel locker network. In September, the company selected three suppliers in the framework of an international procurement; these suppliers will be providing parcel lockers to Omniva in the future.
“Next year, we can expand the network with new parcel lockers even quicker,” confirmed Arumeel. “The opportunity to purchase different types of parcel lockers will help us bring our services even closer to people.”

Estonia will receive eight new parcel machines – five in Tallinn, one in Tartu, Kohtla-Järve and Sillamäe. New parcel slots (42–260 per parcel machine) will be added to 37 popular parcel machine locations.  
By Christmas, Estonia will have a total of 132 Omniva parcel machines, which will be the largest parcel machine in Estonia and in the Baltics. If we add post offices to those, there will be 444 pick-up points in Estonia.

Clients will be able to continue sending and receiving parcels from the parcel machines during the expansion works. When adding modules to a parcel machine, it may be closed for a maximum of 15 minutes. Clients whose parcels are in the parcel machine on the day of its expansion, will be send relevant information and notified of any short-term interruption of service.
Omniva is an international group that offers postal, logistics and information logistics services. The group includes the parent company AS Eesti Post, the subsidiary AS Maksekeskus, the Lithuania-based subsidiary  UAB Omniva LT, the Latvia-based SIA Omniva and the related company OÜ Post11, which provides e-merchants with international logistic solutions for the delivery of goods across the world.


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