You can buy postcards and commemorative coins at the Song Celebration

During the Song Celebration, there will be an Eesti Post tent open on the Tallinn song festival grounds from 4. To 6. July where you will be able to buy postcards and purchase Song and Dance Celebration Festival themed postcards and commemorative coins.

In the tent with Eesti Post logos, near the Song festival ground’s Oru gate, there will be different postcards, Song and Dance Celebration Festival themed stamps, envelopes and commemorative coins. People interested will be able to purchase both the new 10-euro denomination silver coin that is dedicated to Miina Härma’s creation and also the historic one-crown Song Celebration souvenir coin.

A postcard or letter can be directly mailed from the song festival grounds and get it stamped in the Eesti Post tent with the special XXVI Song and XIX Dance Celebration Festival “Touched by Time. The Time to Touch” side seal made for this event.

The Eesti Post tent will be open in the Song Festival Grounds on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9 and it will remain open as long as there are people near the tent.


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