A stamp is issued to mark the centenary of diplomatic relations between Estonia and the United States

The stamp is issued to celebrate the centenary of diplomatic relations between Estonia and the United States. The first postage stamp will get the first stamp of issue at the large press room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday 17 June at 9.30.
The presentation of the stamp is followed by an academic conference exploring the relations between the Baltic States and the United States (10:00-17:30), with former president Toomas Hendrik Ilves making the opening remarks. Professor Andres Kasekamp (University of Toronto) and Associate Professor Kaarel Piirimäe (University of Tartu) with their academic colleagues from the universities of London, Kaunas, Georgia and Greifswald will look at the cooperation and history of the Baltic States and the United States.
The stamp is presented by Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jonatan Vseviov, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Brian R. Roraff and Omniva CEO Mart Mägi.
“The United States have always been a strong supporter of Estonia’s independence and the Estonian state. The USA never recognised the Soviet occupation of Estonia. Throughout the decades when Estonia was subjected to foreign rule, the national flag of independent Estonia was displayed alongside other national flags at the U.S. State Department,” Vseviov said. He was the Estonian Ambassador to the United States between 2018 and 2021.
“This flag as the symbol of a free Estonia was presented to Estonia by US Secretary of State James Baker during his visit to Tallinn in 1991,” Vseviov said, noting how throughout the Cold War, the United States helped sustain the idea of the Baltic States restoring their independence. “The centenary of friendship between Estonia and the United States is only the beginning.”
USA recognised the Republic of Estonia de jure on 28 July 1922. “It is clear that relationship between the United States and Estonia is stronger than ever. We are honored to celebrate this important milestone with a commemorative stamp and thank Eesti Post and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this honor,” stated Brian Roraff, Chargé d’Affairs of U.S. Embassy Tallinn.

According to Omniva CEO Mart Mägi, the stamp signifies cooperation in every sense of the world, from its conception to its meaningful message. “A stamp can be worth a thousand words. It is an important symbol to mark the beginning of diplomatic relations between Estonia and the United States,” Mägi said. Omniva has cooperated with other countries before to mark notable events.
The jointly issued stamp depicts symbols treasured by both nations – the national flags of Estonia and the United States. It is also significant that this year also marks the centenary of the adoption of the blue, black and white flag as Estonia’s national flag. A hundred years ago, the musical piece Eesti Lipp (Estonian Flag) was composed, with music by Enn Võrk and lyrics by Martin Lipp. The red, white and blue flag of the United States depicts 50 five-cornered stars standing for the 50 states, and 13 red stripes marking the 13 original colonies. The US flag inspired the national anthem of the United States, The Star-Spangled Banner (lyrics by Francis Scott Key, 1814; music by John Stafford Smith, 1773).
The stamp was designed by Indrek Ilves and it was printed at the Vaba Maa printing house. The print run of the stamp is 20 000 with the nominal of €1.90 and it can be posted internationally. In addition to the stamp, the traditional first day of issue envelope and information card is issued. The stamp and other products are on sale in Omniva’s online shop and the first day of issue stamp is used on 17 June at the post office in Toompea in Tallinn.

A live stream of the presentation can be followed on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Attendance of the presentation and academic conference is by invitation only. See the program: https://vm.ee/et/eesti-ja-usa-diplomaatilised-suhted-100
Journalists are welcome to the presentation, and we kindly ask them to register their participation by emailing [email protected].


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