Omniva has sold nearly 20,000 „Glory to Ukraine!“ postage stamps in a month

 The state-owned company Omniva has sold nearly 20,000 „Glory to Ukraine!“ postage stamps in a month. The postage stamps were first issued on 24 March.
Mart Mägi, Chairman of the Management Board of Omniva, said that the sale of the postage stamp with twice the circulation of a traditional Estonian themed postage stamp has been extremely successful. „I am happy to see that the postage stamp issued in support of Ukraine is so popular and its important message means a lot to so many people!“ said Mart Mägi. „I would like to thank everyone who has used these postage stamps and postcards to send a message of peace all around the world, and I urge everyone to continue to do so!“
The „Glory to Ukraine!“ postage stamp is the symbolic statement of the support of Estonia for the Ukrainian state and people in defending their independence. The postage stamp depicts a dove of peace against the background of the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The stamp features the text „Слава Україні!“ in Ukrainian, which means „Glory to Ukraine!“, and „Eesti toetab Ukrainat“ („Estonia supports Ukraine“) in Estonian. The edition size of the stamps is 50,000 and its nominal price is 1.90 euros, which means that the stamps can be sent around the world. The design of the postage stamp was created in cooperation with the advertising agency Utopia and the stamps were printed by the printing house Vaba Maa. The postage stamp can be purchased from the e-shop of Omniva and in post offices all across Estonia.
Omniva supports Ukraine through its services in several ways. Omniva offers private individuals the opportunity to send humanitarian aid, such as medicines, consumer goods, and other basic necessities, to Ukraine free of charge. Information on sending humanitarian aid parcels in cooperation with the national postal service of Ukraine is available on the website of Omniva and in post offices all over Estonia. In cooperation with the charity organisations Estonian Red Cross, the non-profit association Mondo, and the Estonian Food Bank, as well as the Tallinn City Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 34 truckloads of aid have been sent to Ukraine since the beginning of March.  In addition, Omniva supports humanitarian aid within Estonia with logistics and the storage of goods.



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