Omniva is looking for future Christmas stamp author

Omniva has announced a competition with a prize fund for finding a design for the most popular stamp of the year. Similarly to previous years, this year’s Christmas stamp will also be special – it will be printed on felt.

“We welcome all people and organisations in the creative industries to take part in our postage stamp design competition. The postage stamp is becoming an emotional product – today, people want to forward emotion by mail, not information,” Omniva Postal Business Marketing Manager Maria Britikovski said. “Therefore, we are looking for designs that are innovative and representative on one hand, and Christmas-spirited and fun on the other.”

We expect the designers to provide designs for the Christmas postage stamp and accompanying first day envelope and first day seal designs by 21 June. To participate in the competition, the designs must be submitted both as digital files and on paper.
In addition to the fact that the winning design will be put on the most popular stamp of the year, the winner is also awarded a 1000-euro prize. Additionally, second place will receive 500 euros and third 100 euros. The works submitted to the competition are assessed by a committee that includes Omniva board member Kaida Kauler, Postage Stamps Product Manager Ain Muldmaa, stamp artist Indrek Ilves, Service Manager Kärt Kõiva and Marketing Manager Maria Britikovski. Competition results are announced on 21 July.

For three years, Omniva has issued a scented postage stamp before Christmas and these years have proved that although the mail volumes are in general in decline, sending Christmas cards is still popular. When Estonia’s fist ginger bread-scented postage stamp was issued in 2016, the interest of the clients and the media was unexpectedly prominent and the stamps were quickly sold out. Even people who had not sent cards for years wanted to do that using a special stamp.

The popularity of the unique stamps was confirmed a year later when we launched a cinnamon-scented stamp, which also received a warm welcome. The 2018 tangerine-scented stamp with a Tallinn Town Hall Christmas market image was also a hit as well as the first print of the silver mark commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, which was sold out on the day it was launched.

The competition brief and information you need to know for entering the competition can be found on Omniva webpage (LINK).

More information is available via [email protected], where you can also ask any questions about participating in the competition.


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