A postage stamp dedicated to children will be issued on the International Day for Protection of Children

On 1 June, the International Day for Protection of Children, Omniva will issue a postage stamp dedicated to children called ‘Send a Card’. The thematic stamp is intended to invite children to send postcards with stamps to their loved ones to bring them joy.
The postage stamp was designed by Priit Rea and printed in the printing house Vaba Maa. The edition size of the stamp is 15,000 and the nominal price is 0.90 euros, which means that one stamp can be used for sending letters within Estonia. The postage stamp and the first day cover will be sold in the e-shop of Omniva and in post offices all across Estonia. The first day stamp is used at the Toompea post office.

The children’s stamp will be available from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on 1 June at the Omniva postage stamp tent in the Tallinn Zoo. The tent is located near the North Entrance on Paldiski tee. There will be various activities for children: they can paint postcards, buy stamps, and then send the postcards. We will hold an outdoor adventure game and an exhibition of print enlargements of stamps depicting animals and birds. There are many more exciting events planned for the International Day for Protection of Children at Tallinn Zoo – for more information, visit the website of the zoo. Admission to the event is free for children up to 19 years old!

In Europe, regular mail transportation began upon the initiative of Franz von Taxis in 1495, between Vienna and Brussels. Estonia established its first regular postal link with Sweden in 1638. The first postage stamp was issued in England in 1840; the first Estonian postage stamp was issued in 1918. Although in the digital world, communication takes place mainly through electronic channels, postcards and letters still hold a worthy place as means for sending messages. Handwritten kind messages bring joy to recipients of all ages and also please the sender – this tradition is worthy of being passed on to the younger generations.
In 2022, Omniva will issue dozens of postage stamps that depict important topics, events, and people in our country and society.


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