Omniva unveils its new office and sorting centre premises

From June 1 of this year, Omniva Latvija’s office and sorting centre are located in the most energy-efficient logistics centre in Latvia – Green Park in Mārupe. The new premises house the most modern parcel sorting centre in Latvia, and Omniva has invested 350 000 euros into an automated parcel sorting machine, which will allow to improve the parcel sorting efficiency by 40%.

,,The Latvian and Lithuanian subsidiaries have grown at a particularly rapid rate; their six-month turnover formed 21% of the group’s turnover, therefore investment in the Baltics is extremely important to support this growth," said Ansi Arumeel, Chairman of the Management Board of Omniva. The volume of shipments delivered by Omniva increases by an average of 40% every year, and the need for spacious premises is to be expected. Currently Omniva rents a 4600 m2 space in the new logistics centre, of which 3900 m2 is allocated for the warehouse and the sorting centre, while the rest of the space houses the office. 

“Expanding to Latvia and Lithuanian has been the right decision,” Arumeel said, “it has also brought the parcel business several major international clients, the latest being Asos and About You, who view the Baltic states as a single market.”  By investing around 350 000 euros, Omniva has acquired a new automated sorting machine, which, by ensuring a stable and continuous sorting of online purchases and other parcels, allows to improve the parcel sorting efficiency by 40%. As a result, Omniva will be able to ensure continuous processing of shipments even as their number increases. The new equipment also ensures a double reduction in the number of sorting errors - from 0.03% to 0.015%. The automated sorting machine can process up to 2500 parcels per hour. The parcel travels through the 80 m long equipment line at a speed of 1.6 m/s, and arrives at the finish within less than a minute.

“We are proud that we can provide our customers with the highest level of services in Latvia. In the past, parcel sorting was performed manually, so we especially appreciate that now we have the most modern automated parcel sorting equipment in Latvia, which allows our employees to consume less resources to perform the same amount of work. As an industry leader, we feel responsible for improving the service and setting an example to other companies in the industry,” says Beāte Krauze-Čebotare, Head of Omniva Latvija.

Omniva’s new sorting centre, along with the automated sorting equipment, introduces a unique solution in the Baltics – pillow-type ramp stops, which provide couriers with comfortable working conditions in all weather conditions and significantly reduce heat loss from storage during loading and unloading of machines. Other technical innovations also allow couriers to spend minimal time and energy loading and unloading parcels into vans, completing work within 15 minutes. Previously, equivalent work required up to 1 hour.

Considering not only the development of e-commerce, but also the improvement of the business environment, Omniva has also taken care of office employees, who are provided with particularly good working conditions in the new office premises. The new workplaces are not only ergonomic, so that every employee feels comfortable and well, but also especially environmentally friendly.

The move to the premises in the new logistics centre Green Park was an intentional one, considering not only the suitability of the premises, but also the lessor's values and future development plans. The new premises offer significant advantages and one of them is the development of new warehousing services. The warehouse provides a separate area for customs clearance goods. The nearby airport is also an important feature of Green Park, providing Omniva with opportunities for cooperation with foreign partners in the future.

SIA Omniva Latvija was founded in 2012 and provides parcel logistics, information logistics and e-invoice processing services. Omniva has the widest parcel machine network in the Baltics, providing high-quality, fast and safe service for the delivery of goods, available 24 hours a day. At present, the Latvian Omniva network has 208 parcel machines located in 97 settlements in Latvia.

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