A ‘Glory to Ukraine’ postage stamp will be released

A new, symbolic postage stamp in support of Ukraine will soon be added to Omniva’s stamp collection.
The stamp depicts the dove of peace, which symbolises a message of peace, against the background of the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The stamp features the text ‘Слава Україні!’ in Ukrainian, which means ‘Glory to Ukraine!’, and ‘Eesti toetab Ukrainat’ (‘Estonia supports Ukraine’) in Estonian.
‘Senders of mail can choose the Ukrainian postage stamp to express their support and spread the message of peace around the world,’ said Mart Mägi, Chairman of the Board of Omniva. ‘Stamps are symbols that carry an important message and capture history. ‘I support Ukraine!’ – this small but powerful statement of support can be shared by anyone sending their postcard or letter around the world. Those who buy the postage stamp also receive a corresponding postcard that can be sent with your greetings.’
The design of the postage stamp was created by Omniva in cooperation with the advertising agency Utopia. The nominal value of the postage stamp is 1.90 euros and the stamp is intended for international letters.



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